Vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) is the material used to make phonograph records since 1948; therefore, vinyl discs now present an alternate format of recorded music. Before 1948, records were made from shellac, a less durable material, more rigid and delicate. Records made from shellac were recorded at 78 revolutions per minute (rpm). Vinyl records introduced the long-playing (LP) format of 33⅓ rpm on a 12 inch disc. This format allowed more information to be recorded on a vinyl disc, which meant that a single side of a disc played longer. From 1948, vinyl changed commercial music, which also included the 45 rpm singles disc, allowing such records to be played on jukeboxes.

This information can be used in an article for Wikipedia, explaining more fully what we do at VSR. We should say that the love of vinyl records is a passion for many people, held by many collectors for years, who, despite all the changes in formats, have retained their passion for their vinyl record collections.

Vinyl record productions was discontinued, as cassette tapes and, later, the compact disc (CD) replaced vinyl; but the black records with large covers are still appealing and attractive to many people, even those who don’t love music.

Vinyl Sound Radio uses only music recorded in high fidelity on original vinyl records. It doesn’t mean one cannot hear some surface noise inherent to, and typical of, vinyl records.

What is especially important is that, on Vinyl Sound Radio, you can hear versions of songs you might not otherwise hear, which you might enjoy. These are different from the common radio versions used by other networks. They might be initial takes of songs in which the musicians and singers have recorded alterate versions.

Vinyl Sound Radio songs have been downloaded from vinyl records. This doesn’t necessarily mean that are old songs; because newly recorded music is now being released on vinyl records. Vinyl record production has been restarted in the U.S., and also in Europe. Vinyl Sound Radio, therefore, also offers the latest contemporary music. Listen for yourself, and discover with us the best music recorded music produced in the last 50 years.

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