Your life song

Well we can listen to all of the world’s music, old, new, modern, but you can not deny that each one has favourite records or a singer in the heart, that needs to feel better, feel at home, consoling, to calm down, to draw energy. It is usually a singer or a musician with whom we have grown up or stayed together for a long time in our lives, so that we have memories related to a particular song or even an album of a singer or musician which we literally consumed, especially if a record or cassette, but also we know it perfectly and we prevent words and notes. It does not matter that it is recognized as great or good, for us it’s a kind of friend, virtual life companion, a bit like someone we call when we need a push or a shoulder to weep, or someone with whom to vent us.
Or we get to the maniacal levels of that kind: tomorrow I have this exam, or I have that job interview, I listen to that singer’s album because I have to, because it’s my preparation ritual or why I find serenity and concentration.
Music has this immense power: to put us like a bomb in a few seconds in a sea of ​​our memories of the past that we often need; we haven’t live only to remember, at all, but not without memories, because it often helps remember that they may have been brave, perhaps generous, good-natured or determined or stubborn, or have had an attitude in our past that we are proud of and can give us a boost for the future.
I have one of mine, who has accompanied me since the tender age and fortunately she continued to produce, I have all her albums, even the least beautiful ones, some I did the grooves on record, to others a little less, I was at two her concerts and others I have dvd. It could produce trash I think, but I would continue with some critical sense of saying that “… well it’s not the best, but I like it …”. Her voice still bewitch me, as when I was ten years old, no matter how powerful it is, or that it reaches the maximum octaves, it doesn’t matter if she is old after years, no matter it is trash or not part of the cup of world musicians, for me, however, remains a magical, fantastic, companion of life and even a bit of mine.
Tell me who is yours and if you don’t want to reveal the name for your reasons, it’s not a problem, tell me why you have this passion or memories related to his/her songs or how they make you feel. And if you don’t have one, you may have more than one or one track.