Vinyl charm

This web radio station is dedicated to vinyl and to all the listeners who want to immerse themselves in a passion that evokes a bygone era, while also coming back in a big way. The return of vinyl is a contemporary phenomenon. Recent years have seen the slow rise of the old 33rpm record, the beautiful black disc with its large, colourful cover, which everyone has a few of at home. Yet many people have forgotten about vinyl, some are too young to really know about it, and others aren’t interested because MP3 files are simply easier to manage. There’s no doubting the convenience of the MP3, which allows you take your music anywhere and listen to it whenever you want. Yet vinyl records unquestionably hold a special charm for music lovers. It’s Vinyl Sound Radio’s job to help you rediscover this fascination that some people – but not all – have forgotten. As discs appear in the shops once again, many listeners are in need of a little memory refresh. Like us, you’ll discover the joys of rummaging through an attic or cellar, digging up your dusty records and remembering your younger days. You’ll also get to know the excitement of buying a shiny, perfect new disc – you can almost smell it – that brings forgotten sounds to your ears, frequencies you just needed to hear, expanding the range of musical sensations that you currently listen to.