Aretha The Queen

It’s not easy writing something original and interesting about a woman that I would define the greatest singer in the world of all times, lady soul (I think Whitney Houston and Ella Fitzgerald would say I’m right). I could say nothing, a little bit of silence, for her death, it would be right.

But if I talk it’s not because I don’t respect her, in this case I hardly hope we will still talk about her in a hundred of years. Respect is the most used word on Socials, newspapers and tv shows in these days to remember her, because one of the most famous song of hers was “Respect”.

Many people talked about this one and other three songs of hers very popular, songs that everyone, old and young, knows very well. I remember many other songs, not because I’m good, but only because I adore her and there are many of her songs that make me excited.

It’s been a long time I listen to her, I bought my first album by Aretha many years ago, I always used to listen to her songs on the radio and I wanted to know and understand more. I found a double album, with many hits of hers, it was the best way to know her.

Well, I’ve really knew her, since that moment, I don’t know if you ever listened to her with such an attention, but the way she performed was not common, you can’t find it anywhere, because she was unique, she’s the one. She taught the other singers and she’ll keep on teaching.

There are many amazing singers in the music history, really good performers, some of them authors as well, who changes songs in something different, magic, able to lift up souls.

I remember many voices like Nina Simone, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, Barbra Streisand, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse and surely I forget many others. But Aretha taught the ones after and gave a touch to the ones before. She’s called the Queen of Soul but actually she’s The Queen and that’s all, but Soul music was her language, her way of being, of living through her songs.

She felt really comfortable with the other genres as well and she sang very good also country music or jazz. She performed with singers all over the world, without showing she was the best, as only a real queen do. She knew she was the greatest one and that you must have such a soul power, to reach the fame she got; that soul she sang about with much of energy.

She had not only a great voice, her performer skills were unbelievable and surprising. People always talk about the power she gave to the Otis Redding’s song “Respect”, one of the most famous hit of hers. Respect is a hymn for the Afro-American culture and people, but not only, also for the women from all countries and all ages.

What could she do with that voice? Whatever she wanted, she could go up with the notes and singing loud all her will to be listened and reaching the sky and her “Lord”, so important in her religion, the Baptist Church.

She could go down and sharing all the pain of a suffering heart, without losing energy.
The Soul she sings is the real Soul; the strength, the power and the intensity she gave to every single note, like they had been intense words of an address to the nation, were really surprising.

Try to listen to her and feeling how much energy and strength she can give you; every song seems an encouragement to get up again, after some suffering; it’s not only the Afro-American people’s battle, that’s why she became so important for all people in the world, because she sings the battle of every single man or woman in his or her life, a fight that puts men and women from all over the world together. This is the real strength of Soul music, telling about the human soul that faces everything, doesn’t stop, gets up and fights again.
She talks about that through her voice, so full of colors, a real heavenly gift, well used, a voice able to lift up the souls to the highest level of spirituality.

You gave such a strength to everyone, Aretha, I think you can be satisfied, and you will keep on doing it, with your songs we will listen to again and again. Now you can rest. Thanks a lot.